What is the weather like in Argentina?

The right word would be: varied. According to the region, in the north east of the country (Iguazú Falls) we will have temperate to tropical and high humidity. In the center of the country, the climate is temperate with mild winters between June and August, while in the Andean zone, temperatures a few degrees. To the south of the country, the climate becomes cold, even in summer in the southernmost provinces. In the same station, if we visited the north, center and south, we will pass through all climates.

What is the geography of Argentina ?

Bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, Argentina is the second largest country in South America. With a wide range of natural environments, traveling around Argentina presents a revolving door of land and landscapes. From the glaciers and the frozen lakes of Patagonia to the green meadows of the Pampa; and from the high Andes of the north up to the wetlands of the northeast, Argentina has a great wealth of biodiversity.

What is the best time to travel to Argentina?

The majority of visitors arrive to Argentina between November and March, the warmest. However, the heat can be suffocating in cities like Buenos Aires between December and March. In contrast, in the region of the Lakes, we will have pleasant days by others, and in the south, in the height of summer, temperatures hovering around 18ºC. Between January and February, is the season that take summer vacations the Argentines, so prices are also higher. In contrast, in the winter, between May and September, will be the best months to visit the north of the country, while the south will be quite cold.

How is the security in Argentina?

According to the recommendations of foreign governments, Argentina is a country without evidence of terrorist organizations or violent groups. What if there is to pay attention, is to street crime, especially in big cities. 

In tourist areas you will feel comfortable, but if we turn to the most desolate neighborhoods, it is better not to do it alone and at night. In the hotels, there is a safe to store belongings.

What kind of typical food in Argentina?

The meat (cow) is fundamental in the diet of Argentina. In Argentina, the animals grow grazing on the plains of the Pampa, so the result is quality meat and that Argentines consume for a very good price (especially compared to the prices of beef in European countries). Vegetarians in Argentina, will have to toggle mostly between salads, pizza and pasta, available throughout the country. In the area of the patagonian lakes are common dishes like trout or venison, while in the northwest cuisine is a mixture with the cultures of the altiplano.

What immunizations are needed?

There is no mandatory vaccines to enter the country. Only requires a certificate of vaccination against cholera and yellow fever for passengers coming from countries where these diseases are endemic.

Do I need visa / passport to enter Argentina?

You just have to enter with a valid passport, while for stays up to 90 days, do not need a visa citizens of the European Union, the United States of America and the following Latin American countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. If you exceed the maximum term of permanence, it is necessary to extend it (possible only once) appearing in a delegation of the National Directorate of Migration before the expiry of the original term. 

What is the local currency, how is the type of change?

In Argentina is used the weight, although in tourist areas is widespread acceptance of the U.S. dollar, although the change will be in local currency.

What is the time zone that corresponds to Argentina?

(GMT-03) Buenos Aires

Is it necessary to electric adapter?

Argentina uses 220 volts. For business travelers from the United States (for example), it is necessary to use a device adapter.

Is it necessary to book travel insurance?

It is always advisable, on any trip.

Is It usual to give tips in Argentina?

Although it is not mandatory, it is generally expected a tip of around 10% in restaurants and cafes. Turn it over to the ushers, to taxi drivers and porters a few pesos is desirable but not mandatory.

How is access to the internet in Argentina?

The largest number of Internet users in Latin America, access to the Internet is usually not a problem in Argentina. The big cities have hot spots of wireless internet and internet cafes, but be prepared for a lower coverage in remote and rural areas.

How are the baths in Argentina?

The toilets in Argentina are modern toilets. It is a good idea to carry your own soap and toilet paper, as it is not always provided in public restrooms.

Can I drink the water in Argentina?

Water is considered safe to drink in Argentina unless otherwise indicated. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water and use a canteen or water bottle rechargeable battery.

What credit cards are accepted widely in Argentina?

Credit cards are widely accepted in large cities and towns of Argentina, especially VISA and Mastercard. Please note that it is possible that the credito does not accept so easily in small cities and rural areas, so that they always have alternative payment methods available.

What is the access to the ATMs in Argentina?

ATMs are available in large cities and towns of Argentina. Rural and isolated areas will have fewer atms, so make sure you have enough cash before traveling outside urban areas.

How is the local culture of Argentina?

The argentine culture is a mixture of many traditions.

A unique combination of European and Latin American influence is reflected in the innovative style of their music, literature and lifestyle.

The Argentines are passionate and friendly, and make your country a warm and friendly place. The combination of urban glamour, deep-rooted traditions and natural landscapes gives character and vitality to the Argentine cultural panorama.

What is music like?

In Argentina, the music is always present in the houses and in the streets. 

There are different types of music throughout Argentina. The folk music mix to the native Argentines and the Spanish music with the music of another Latin country and Africa.

Classical music in Europe and the rock of Argentina are also very popular.

The most typical instrument in Argentina is the bandoneon.

Of all types of art in Argentina, the most famous and well known is the Tango.

Tango is a type of dance and also a style of music. Was Invented in the mouth a few 100 years.

What can I buy as regional products in Argentina?

Among the regional products that can be purchased to go shopping in Argentina we find leather garments, famous for its excellent quality and good price, wool fabrics, and food products such as the sweet milk, yerba mate and sweets.

When shopping in Argentina also will find clothing and objects of brands with international prestige. 

The clothing and leather accessories can be found in classic styles or with the creoles or "gaucho", while the tissues can be found of wool, alpaca, llama and other typical yarn in the country.

Sportswear, mostly related to football or pole, also is highly sought after by tourists who go shopping in Argentina.

If you are going shopping in Argentina, it is important to remember that there are many shops attached to the system of "Global Refund" of Tax Free, allowing international tourists who buy in the country, to recover part of the amount paid in concept of Value Added Tax. This discount is valid for purchases in Argentina of national products for amounts in excess of $70 (per invoice) in any of the participating businesses.

What holidays are celebrated in Argentina?

1 January New Year's Day

Carnivals (between February and March). 

March 24 National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice.

On April 2. Veterans Day and Memorial of Malvinas.

Holy Week

May 1 Labor Day

May 25 - Day of the Revolution of May

June 17 - Anniversary of the death of General Martín Miguel de Güemes.

June 20 Anniversary of the death of general D. Manuel Belgrano.

July 9 Independence Day

August 15 death of San Martin

October 9 Day of respect for cultural diversity.

November 27 Day of National Sovereignty

8 December Immaculate Conception 

December 25 Christmas Day

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