Iguazú without waterfalls (part 2)

We had promised you and what is promised is debt.. then we bring it to you! The second part of other things you can do on your visit to Iguazú Falls and thus get to know beyond the most popular attractions ... are you ready?

Buenos Aires Express

Who said that to enjoy Buenos Aires you need days and days? In Les Amis Viajes we give you the option of a “Buenos Aires Express” tour, so that you know the most emblematic icons of the city of Buenos Aires, and what makes it so special. Are you coming? Let's get started!

El Chaltén, within the 20 places to visit in 2020

We all like good opinions; and in this case our good opinion is El Chaltén. The prestigious magazine for luxury travel Condé Nast Traveler mentioned this town of Santa Cruz province as one of the best destinations to visit during this 2020.

I've arrived to Madryn ... what should I do now?

We all know Patagonia is a magical place, that with its winds sadness and heal wounds are taken away. Besides, animals in this place are unique in the world and infinitely beautiful, however ... we already know that! The article that we bring you today is for all the undecided people that once have arrived in the city of Puerto Madryn, and don’t know what to do... Luckily, we know and and going show you all activities you can do ;) Take note!

The three unmissable grills in Buenos Aires

Do you know how many kilos of beef an Argentine eats a year? We will tell you at the end of the article! Are you in Buenos Aires and don't know where to for lunch or dinner? Do not worry! In Les Amis Viajes we help you not just to informing you, but to take your palate to a party of flavors ... are you ready?

Why do you have to do the Salta-Jujuy circuit?

The answer is very simple! But here we are going to give you more than one reason … start preparing your suitcase, because we are sure that you are going to want to get to know these Argentine jewels as soon as possible.

The city that never sleep

Can you imagine not sleeping? This is how Buenos Aires is! A cosmopolitan city where you can find everything, from sports activities and outdoor walks ... but in this article we will take you through some of the activities that won’t make the lights go down early ... are you ready?

A night with air of Mendoza mountains

The nights have their charm, and nothing better than enjoying the pure air coming from the mountains ...do you know which place are we talking about? Of Mendoza nights! In addition of being the land of Malbec, this province has other things to offer ... are you ready to discover them? Come and we will take you to feel that fresh air and unmistakable flavors of Mendoza!

Squares and fairs: The bohemian side of Buenos Aires

Who says that in Buenos Aires everything is chaos? Maybe a little bit ... but from Les Amis Viajes we want you to show you the other side of the capital, the "quiet" and somewhat bohemian facet. We will take you to know the most emblematic markets and craft places in the city of Buenos Aires.

Beaches next to the mountain range? Yes! come to Bariloche

Do you already know where are you going to refresh during this summer?We all know that summer in our country is only a few steps away.Therefore, we are going to give you some tips.. What if this time you dare to change beaches? Come with us

Buenos Aires fashion

Huge, cosmopolitan, gourmet, cultural ... it's Buenos Aires. The capital city of Argentina is more than the downtown, where the government is settled and where the main headquarters of multinational companies are found. The city is much more than restaurants for all tastes and budgets, and more than going out to pubs and clubs(Nobody doubts the fact that it has a spectacular night though).

Iguazú without Falls? Part 1

Chill! We are not telling you that when going to Iguazú you should forget about the Falls, we just wanted to call your attention to tell you that this beautiful province has more activities and places to visit in addition to the natural attraction for excellence. Therefore, add a couple of days to your trip to Misiones, do you want to know what you can't miss?

Unmissable springs in Bariloche

A city that in each season looks like another one, not only because of the weather, but also because of the activities that are carried out and the food offered. Do you know which city are we referring to? San Carlos de Bariloche! If you are one of those who, when hearing "Bariló", snow and skiing comes to your mind, we are going to tell you about some unmissable spring activities of this city.

Do you know the most beautiful bookstore in the world?

Being chosen as the most beautiful bookstore in the world is not a easy challenge given to the huge competition: but that is what El Ateneo Grand Splendid has achieved.

Buenos Aires ... vegetarian city?

Thinking in  Buenos Aires and in it’s meals, is to imagine grills, barbecues by the pool with friends and a cold beer. But what do we do with our vegetarian and vegan friends? Are there no options for them in this city of fury? Of course there are! Join us and we will show you another face of the Argentine capital.

Salta is more than its wines from Cafayate... Salta is spicy!

The northwest region of our country is known for its delicious, fresh and emblematic white wine from Argentina: Torrontés; its fresh and floral flavors, citrus aromas that refresh the spirit ... however, today we want to take you on a trip that complements this characteristic of Salta. Let's take a walk through its gastronomy!

The essentials for your wine tour in Mendoza

The Mendoza province is a privileged area not only for its endless landscapes,but for the soils of this part of the Cuyo region, that give us their fruits and wines and also the possibility of experiencing the elaboration process... Wanna join us in this adventure?

How will be the end of the world?

Relax! We are not saying the world it’s gonna end, we just want to tell you a little about the Lighthouse of the End of the World, do you know why this name? It is a really unique story that crosses borders ... Join us to hear it!

It is not just an avenue, is The Corrientes Avenue

Culture is not only reflected in museums and exhibitions ... it is in the shows as well! Today we are going to take you to what some people call "the Broadway of Buenos Aires", we are referring to Corrientes Avenue, in Buenos Aires. In the city that has everything, you can’t miss this the experience of walking through this avenue.

Who is breaking the shell? The penguins in Puerto Madryn!

Spring is here, and with it there are surprises and new babies arrive too!

One step away from the frontier: What to do in La Quiaca?

In Les Amis Viajes we offer trips to the southernmost destination in the country, which also turns out to be the end of the world and also the other extreme! We invite you to meet the northernmost city in Argentina ... let's go to La Quiaca in Jujuy!

5 must-see places in Buenos Aires

When someone hears "Buenos Aires" automatically thinks in the city of fury, and Soda Stereo was always right! Apart from being one of the great Latin American capitals, this beautiful city has it all. We tell you the 5 must-do in Buenos Aires, come and discover them with us!

Are you a nature lover? San Martín de los Andes is your destination!

An immensity of green and pure air!

To stay in The Shire it does not require travelling to Middle Earth, go to Villa la Angostura

Its location cannot be better, it is only 45 km from Chile and 76 kilometers from Bariloche airport, so for accessibility there is no need to worry.

Reyes Baths

We don’t know if those magic places were already found, but we do know that i Argentina has special waters which, although they don’t give the eternal youth, they help to improve health and wellness of the one who visit them.

What to do in Purmamarca?

Discover what to do in Purmamarca, the city of colors.

¿What are the salinas grandes in Jujuy?

In the Jujuy province it is found a very special argentine show, a white landscape that blinds anyone who sees it directly with a shiny midday sun: The salinas Grandes.

5 reasons why you should travel to San Rafael of Mendoza

Learn the reasons to travel to the city of Mendoza.

Where to see Tango Buenos Aires?

In Buenos Aires streets and theatres you will always find a Tango show. Find out in this article when and where

The Quilmes Ruins, a banishment story

Join us and find out their story.

What to do in Puerto Piramides

In the patagonian region, specifically in the Chubut Province, Puerto Piramides is found, a maritime town which began with the installation of a railway. Find out what can you do in your visit.

Quebrada de Las Conchas tour

Learn all its attractions

What to visit in Gaiman, Chubut?

Here we tell you what you have to visit in the little Gaiman colony in Chubut.

The End of the World Prison museum

Ushuaia is one of the few settlements that were built with a penitentiary development. Find out everything about the End of the World Prison. 

Visit the Civic Center of Bariloche

Thinking of visiting Bariloche is thinking in his Civic Center. Is the great meeting point of the city and works as a reference. Here we tell you why the importance of this building. 

Stepping in traces of the past (Los Cardones National Park)

100 kilometers away from Salta La Linda, is found Los Cardones National Park with more than 65 thousands hectares of flora and fauna in and where you will find traces of history.

Bosque de Arrayanes Tour

In Argentina we take you to the Bosque de Arrayanes Tour.

Tren de las Nubes tour, Salta

We refer to the “Tren de las Nubes” (Train of clouds) tour, in this note we tell you everything you must know.

What to see in North of Argentina

We speak about what to visit in the northern part of Argentina: The Talampaya and Ichigualasto National Park will fascinate you.

Top 5 things to do in Bariloche during winter

This is why we show you the top 5 things to do in Bariloche during winter and what you should not miss during your visit, you ready?

What to do in San Rafael, Mendoza?

Read this article and find out the best of Mendoza

Salinas Grandes, where heaven touches earth

That is why we are going to explain to you what you can do and how to get to Salinas Grandes, place where heaven touches earth

Unmissable activities in El Calafate: forests and glaciers

Here we are going to tell you which are the activities that we find unmissable in El Calafate.

What to do in Buenos Aires in one day?

Meet them here with our tips.

Live a safari closer than you think!

In this article learn about experiencing a safari without leaving Argentina.

Falls from more than 70 meters high.. are you up for it?

Specially because is one of the 7 World nature Wonders!

A single couple for life? Of course, it is possible!

Do you know what we mean? Yes! The Patagonian penguin!

10 reasons why you should not travel to Argentina

Form a mix of colors that lead visitors to lose more than the account in their travel, so we give you 10 reasons why you should think twice before traveling to these lands.

Papa Francisco

Pope Francis is a national pride for all Argentines.


Considered one of the best players in the world, Messi has managed to earn his place in the heart of every football fan.


Diego Armando Maradona, or simply Maradona, is an ex Argentine footfball player and was coach of the national team, born in Lanus, city of Buenos Aires.

Bookstore Ateneo

A must-do when visiting Buenos Aires..

The whales, penguins and scuba diving, the attractions that summon the international tourism to Puerto Madryn

Spain, France and Chile are the countries from which the majority of foreign visitors come to Puerto Madryn, eager to know its two biggest attractions, whale watching and diving.

Iguazu Falls, the most visited destination for foreign tourists in 2018

The Iguazú Falls and its imposing beauty, summon and dazzle tourists from all over the planet, the attractions of the Waterfalls are not limited only to their charm, but to the activities that tourists can do around them.

Park of the Glaciers, unique beauty in the world

Located in the southwest of the province of Santa Cruz, Los Glaciares National Park has an incredible natural landscape, composed of lakes, forests and mountains.

November the best month to travel to Buenos Aires

The publication Business Insider, USA, dedicated to Economic Activity, technology, new developments and trends in the world, ranked the City of Buenos Aires in the ranking of the 13 best cities to visit in November.

The city of Mendoza and its wines, the destination chosen by Mexicans and Spaniards

Argentina became, this last year, the country of South America that receives more foreign tourists, and the City of Mendoza is one of the places most visited by both Europeans and Central Americans, who have chosen it both for the natural attractions that surround it as by the wineries that allow visits and tastings with the framework of the Cordillera.

Salta, the path of the argentine wine in Cafayate

The province of Salta is characterized by an incredible tour of the wineries, where you can taste the most exquisite wines.The colonial constructions, some original restored and others reviving the spirit of those times, invite us to discover the varietals that are produced there, the taste of a wine that comes from sunny vineyards, which we can also visit.